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Houston has lots of DJ's. Who is good? Who plays the music the crowd wants? Who is a professional? Who has experience? Who is knowledgeable in all genres of music? Who has been in business in the Houston area for 20 years?

The answer is DJ Scott, AKA "Your DJ" in Houston Texas.

If you're here, you're either looking for a DJ for your own event or you're helping somebody else who's looking for a DJ for their event. Nervous?  Probably.  Confused? Probably.  Well, maybe I can provide you with the information you'll need to understand your choices and to make a wise decision.

There are many different types of DJ's in the Houston area.  Some are inexperienced and bad.  Some are experienced but still bad.  Some are good.  A few are very good.  Very few are great.

What makes a DJ great?  Several things.  A great DJ doesn't play only the songs that he/she likes; he/she plays the songs that the crowd likes.  A great DJ doesn't talk too much or too little; he/she talks to whatever extent is appropriate and professional.  A great DJ doesn't specialize in only a few music genres; he/she knows all of the music genres well and plays only the songs that are the "best of the best" of each genre.

How much does quality cost?  First, consider this truth:

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

You can find amateur DJ's in the Houston area for as little as $300 or $400. If you choose one of those, good luck. As an experienced pro, my rate for a private event is $600 for up to four hours of performance time. Additional hours are $150 an hour.

For a nightclub or sports bar, my price is $50 an hour (using my laptop and the venue's sound system) or $150 an hour (using my laptop and my sound system) with a three hour minimum.


As a nightclub and sports bar DJ since the 80's and having owned and operated "Your DJ" business through over 500 performances since 1995, I know that the DJ makes or breaks the party or event.  Why not choose a great one?


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